10 average blogs. uh i guess they are a little above average

Posted: June 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

PlayStation Sony 3D TV

although i am not a big gamer I do think that the new technology and 3D Tv’s will change the industry. Playstation is working with Sony and have created 3D gaming televisions although the TV’s are only 24″ they are perfect for a dorm room gamer.


Missouri River roars and humbles

Flooding is very relevant all across the midwest and around the Missouri River. The flooding has majorly effected people’s lives from ND to Missouri. http://barneymccoy.wordpress.com/2011/06/10/the-missouri-river-roars-and-humbles/

Sweet blondes can kill,can’t they?

This blog sucked a lot so don’t  go even to it. I thought it was a major waste of time its a trailer for the new movie Hanna.


Poetry, Passion, Power. And, Opera

“I have always imagined that  paradise will be some kind of library.”
Jorge Luis Borges

This author talked about how he read an Australian magazine and that was it.

Take Responsibility – And Change Your Life

This blogger read a book about an author that talked about

  • Getting out of the Victim Mindset

If you are in the victim mindset then you are giving up your chances at changing your life.

  • Recognize the Possibility of Change

He says you just can’t sit and wait for everything to just fall into your life you have to go out and get what you want.

  • Take back responsibility in Your Life

This blogger says that you CAN change this you CAN do better and be responsible. He gives examples of things that a person can change to do better in life.

This is a quote from their blog and well I’d like to put it in mine.

It’s your life: you can choose to change. It might not be easy – but it will be worth it.


It Took Me 57 Years

This blog really spoke strongly to me as a person. She talks about how she went to the game show “So You Think You can Dance”. She says this man went out there and danced his heart out to his greatest abilities , but he was still terrible. He was booed off the stage and just broke down and there wasn’t a single person in the audience to offer a word of kindness. This man went out and chanced his passion so he finally lived because he chased his passion and what he loved. The blogger said you never live unless you chase your passion so this is very inspiring to me.

Deportation of a Racist Hillbilly

This blog is talking about a very racist person that started a Facebook page to try to get all foreigners out of Great Britain. This author has very strong opinions about racism so he is trying to remove this nincompoop from the country and is starting a major protest over it.



blog says 3 words “dope me too” kinda dumb in my opinion.


Ice Ages and the Sin Of Cain

This blog is questions and answers about the Ice Age ,and the Great Flood that is spoke of in the bible.  A biblical character by the name of Cain is also spoke of but I have never heard of this man before. It was said that the great flood also relates to the geological history that has been discovered. It is theorised that this flood killed off many species including the Mammoths.


Apple “Is Killing the World Wide Web”

It is said Apple is beating Google in the battle of creating new and better ideas of phones, computers, and tablets. Apple is winning this battle because of their new innovative apps compared to Google’s index based technology. This is killing the World Wide Web because HTML is outdated and hasn’t changed in the last 10 years compared to other codes and technology changing daily.


  1. Ha ha, brilliant, although the protest is a joke, but hopefully he’ll see that people won’t stand for his views!

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